Lahti Interfaith Taskforce principals:



Dialog – Information – Respect


The Interfaith Taskforce does not have official doctrinal discussions, there are taskforces for that purpose on the official level.


Other principals:


-  We agree on the preconditions of the dialog.

-  We respect the other person.

-  We are open and honest.

-  We are critical and constructive.

-  We respect what is holy to the other person.

-  We know and confess our own basis.

-  We consider our own point of view as a starting point.

-  We try to see matters from anther person’s angle.

-  We expect the same from the other person than we expect from ourselves.

-  We support the progress of trust



The purpose of the Lahti Interfaith Taskforce


-  Promote dialog and possible cooperation between religions.

-  Promote mutual respect and understanding between different religions.

-  Promote peace and reconciliation between religions and religious communities and their members in our city.

-  Pursue elimination of prejudice concerning different religions.

-  Prevent faith and religion related differences from being used as a basis of misconception, prejudice and racism.

-  Act in consensus with the National Forum of Religious Leaders.



To carry out it’s purpose the Taskforce:


-  invites religions, religious communities and their representatives to a mutual dialog

-  discusses about current issues

-  arranges negotiations and meetings

-  seeks for ways to inform about it’s activities



The meeting practices of the Taskforce and matters to be carried out:


-  The Taskforce meets 2-3 times a year.

-  The place for the common meetings rotate and the hosts introduce their facilities and activities.

-  The Taskforce gets to know about different religions’ and religious communities’ work among immigrants. The Taskforce goes through current issues and makes conclusions.

-  The Taskforce drafts a guide of religions’ and religious communities ‘ services to immigrants and Lahti inhabitants with the list of contact information.