Lahti Seventh-Day Adventist Church



As Adventists we believe that Jesus Christ alone is not only our individual hope but that of the whole world – only He can save us from sin and death. We believe that in the near future, according to His promise, Jesus will return to take home all those who believe in Him. In order to make this possible it is our goal that everyone should be able to hear the Good News of the Gospel as soon as possible. As members of God’s world-wide body of believers of all faiths, we would like to encourage all to boldly live a life of genuine faith, true to their convictions and with enduring hope.


Programs and ministries


Our worship services are held each week on Saturday (Sabbath) starting at 10.30am. The service content may vary but generally there are two strongly Bible-based parts to the program – a Biblical sermon and Bible Study discussion groups. The congregation may divide into small groups for Bible Study discussion. Usually we have a separate group for those who speak English. There is also a special program for children.

Each Wednesday at 6pm we have an evening program of prayer and Bible study. We have special programs for immigrants. Occasionally we hold for example health-based evening programs and games evenings. We also organise Glad Heart (“Iloinen Mieli”) aid and charity events.


Find us


Church Pastor: Arja Rytkönen. Phone +358 (0)40 771 2312, email 

Contact Person for Immigrants: Gema Mbabazi. Phone +358 (0)41 743 1562

Our church is located near the Railway Station. The address is Uudenmaankatu 14, 15100 Lahti.


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