Lahti Orthodox Church is the only so called “rebuilding congregation” in Southern Finland and it was established to serve Karelian immigrants’ spiritual needs. The congregation first started on January 1st 1950 and it’s area consists of 15 counties which are in Päijät-Häme, Kanta-Häme, Kymenlaakso and Uusimaa. There are five cities in the area: Lahti, Hyvinkää, heinola, riihimäki and Orimattila.


The center of the congregation is in Lahti, where the Church of the Holy Trinity, the church office and the congregation hall are located. The other sanctuaries of the congregation are in Hyvinkää (the Church of Holy Enlighters of Karelia), in Heinola (the Church of Christ’s Ascension) and in Iitti (Tsasouna of the Birth of the Virgin Mary). In addition to these the congregation has a small facility called Minea in Riihimäki.


The Finnish Orthodox Church is a church of the risen Christ. It declares the Gospel, leads to salvation and takes responsibility for the whole creation. The church is built on the values of love, truth, freedom, community and creativity.


The Orthodox Church is a reaching out, serving and praising church which


·         experiences the presence of the people loving God and the community

·         becomes a spiritual home to it’s members

·         takes responsibility for neighbors world wide

·         takes part in social conversation and

·         takes care of the financial and functional preconditions of it’s life.


Contact information

The church office

Harjukatu 5 , 15110 Lahti

Tel. 0206 100 450, fax 0206 100 463

open from Monday to Thursday from 10.00 to 13.00