Lahti Parish Union


Lahti Parish Union is formed of four Evangelical Lutheran congregations:

Keski-Lahti, Laune, Joutjärvi and Salpausselkä.



Primary Mission

Congregations’ primary mission is to call people to the merciful God, bring a sustaining foundation to life and to encourage caring for neighbors and the creation.



Honoring the Holy

       -We honor the Holy Triune God.

       -We recognize God’s image in all and also the guilt of man and the need for grace.

       -We confess Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.



        -We care for our neighbors and defend human dignity.

        -We protect the creation.

        -We pursue moderateness.



        -We fight for justice.

        -We defend the rights of the week and of those who have become marginalized.



        -We speak boldly about God.

        -We believe and live as we teach.



        -We get strength from God’s mercy and forgiveness.

        -We meet our neighbors mercifully and lovingly.



Contact information

Lahti Parish Union

Vapaudenkatu 6, 15110 Lahti

tel. (03) 89111 Mon. – Wed., Fri.  9 – 15 and Thur. 9 – 16



Immigration  tel. 044 719 1263

In Russian language  tel. 044 719 1487

   -Consulting and home visits, financial support and guidance, pastoral care.

   -Group, trip and camp activities and personal support service.