The purpose of the Taskforce is to promote dialog, mutual respect and understanding between different religions. The aim is also to eliminate misconception and prejudice concerning different religions and prevent from using them as a basis for racism.


The Taskforce is represented by Muslims, Baha’is, Catholics, the Orthodox, different Protestant churches and communities and Mormons.


To carry out it’s purpose the Taskforce meets at different religious communities’ facilities on a rotating basis, discusses about questions of the day and invites different religious communities and their representatives to a mutual dialog. The Taskforce organizes Prayer for Peace and Religion Dialog events in Lahti.


The Interfaith Taskforce has produced a guide of religious communities in Lahti. The guide works as a source of information for an immigrant or a new Lahti inhabitant who is looking for information about his/her religious community. Social workers and health care workers can find contact information in this guide.


Lahti Interfaith Taskforce web pages content:                    


INTRODUCTION which contains information about Lahti Interfaith Taskforce, it’s principals, interaction and religious dialog.


ACTION introduces the activity of the Taskforce, like the Prayer for Peace and Religion Dialog events.


THE GUIDE contents a list of religious communities in Lahti area with introductions and contacts information of the communities and a link to their web site.


FEEDBACK form can be used to give feedback about the web pages and action of the Taskforce. You can ask questions and share your ideas for common activity or subjects to be considered in the Taskforce.


CONTACT INFORMATION contains information of the Chairperson and the Secretary of Lahti Interfaith Taskforce.