SACRED MUSIC, sacred music session at  Lahti Music Institute, Kalevi Aho Hall on Sunday 08/02/2015 at 15:00 Hämeenkatu 4.  Free entrance . Coffee will be served. The program includes  music and singing from different religious communities. Organizer Lahti Interfaith Taskforce.


The UN General Assembly adopted a resolution in October 2010, the first week of February each year is the  world interfaith harmony week between all religions and beliefs.  The theme of 2015 theme  week  is "Peace and Reconciliation". In Finland, the week of preparation is coordinated by FOKUS association and Lahti Interfaith Taskforce. The purpose of the theme week is to bring together common  Finnish who represents different religions. We hope that the event can help to increase confidence between each other and to live in peace side by side, despite the differences in beliefs . During the concert of the festival performs for instance the Congolese group from Lahti Pentecostal church , children's choir from Mukkula, cantor Aurora Ikävalko  of the Lahti central church and the adults choir of  Lahti Mormon Church. In addition, the children's singing group will present songs coming up from the Baha'i community tradition.













Lahti Interfaith Taskforce has organized Prayer for Peace events since 2010 as part of the Week Of Common Responsibility. The event has been held in October, on or close to the Day of Prayer for Peace, Human Rights, and International Responsibility.


At the Prayer for Peace events representatives from different religious communities have prayed for peace in different languages in the presence of each other.



Year 2012


Prayer for Peace event was held at the Community Center Takatasku (back pocket). Lots of kids and youth were among the performers, many prayers were carried out through singing and making music.

About fifty people were in the audience. Coffee and tea were served, the event was cozy and happy.

Pastor Elina Lahdeskoski served as the MC at the event. In the other picture is Isra Evirken from Lahti Islamic Cultural Association.















In the picture representatives from the Baha’i Community singing and playing; Pedram Aflatuni (drum), Satu Takala (guitar) and the Takala children Nico, Roni and Ronja and Hannu Olkkonen.



Year 2011


Excerpts from a newspaper article: Prayer for Peace event in October 24th, 2011 gathered Christians, Muslims and members from Baha’i community to pray for peace. The multicultural event was at Lahti Parish Union facility at Vapaudenkatu 6. Thirty people came to listen to the representatives from different religious communities as they prayed in Finnish, Turkish, Persian, and English.


-  We have dreams. We hope and dream for a better world. We hope and long for peace, love, reconciliation, and mutual understanding. Perhaps we realize and experience, that we cannot reach these things by our own power, through our own acts. We need help from outside of us. We turn our eyes to the Creator, to the One who sustains everything, said Pastor Salamat Masih in his opening words.

In between prayers in different languages Iranian Christian Afshin Ardalan played lyrical guitar music.




Year 2010


The Prayer for Peace event was held at Vapaudenkatu 6 hall. Pastor Salamat Masih was the MC in the event. Christians, Muslims, and representatives from Baha’i community participated. Iranian Christian Afshin Ardalan played classical guitar. The prayers were in Arabic, Kurd, German, Russian, and Finnish. Amnesty material was displayed.


-  It is important to notice, that all people, whether we are Christians, Muslims, Baha’i people or members of another religion, are created by God. We all belong to His creation. Humanity and longing for holiness unite us all. One’s own mother tongue is also a language of emotion and prayer, says immigrant worker Ulla Taipale.





In the picture representatives from Baha’i community Tuula Pystynen, Hartmut Grossman and Melody Karvonen at the Prayer for Peace event in Lahti, October 24th 2010.




In the picture Adnan Kassim from Lahti Islamic Community at the Prayer for Peace event.